SunEPI Project Engineers Christopher Freitas and Bill Hoffer traveled to South Sudan in October 2010 to coordinate the installation of two solar electric power systems which power a medical clinic and a primary school and staff housing. The installations were used to train students from the local university who will be operating and maintaining the system as well as completing future installations of solar electric systems in South Sudan.

Other work in Sudan included solar energy services for Love Everybody, an NGO supported by Big Kenny & Rich (a famous country rock group), which is working hard to support a girl's school and a medical facility in Akon - a village in southern Sudan. This is a continuing project which endeavors to expand the work to other facilities and other villages in this area.

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October 2007 Implementation Love Everybody
Knightsbridge International
Support work for girls' school in Akon, Sudan VIEW

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Solarizing Medical Clinics
Christopher Feitas: SunEPI (Oct. 2010)


October 2010



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Solar electrification of medical clinics