Papua New Guinea

IIn July, 2008, SunEnergy Power supported the kick-off of Light up the World's project (LUTW) in Papua New Guinea. This project is in honor of Nichola Goddard, a Papua New Guinean born Canadian, who was killed in combat while serving with the Canadian military in Afghanistan.

The total project is planned to take place over 7 years, installing LED lighting systems in over 1,000 health posts throughout at least four provinces in Papua New Guinea. In the first year, 118 systems are planned, with between 150 and 200 systems planned for the remaining 6 years. The assistance of locally based non-profit, AT Projects, is key.

SunEnergy Power International is fortunate to have been selected by Light up the World as their Implementation Partner to assist in kicking off and overseeing this important project.

Project Report:

First Aid Posts
Walt Ratterman: SunEPI, LUTW (July 2008)


July - August 2008




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