West Bank, Palestine

SunEPI teamed up with Solar Energy International (SEI) , a premiere training organization based in Carbondale, Colorado, to provide a week-long hands-on solar photovoltaics training for engineers in the West Bank, Palestine, as part of their affiliation with Engineering for Developing Communities Program at the University of Colorado, Boulder and Engineers without Borders - International (EWB-I).

The training included classes on basic design of solar power systems, what it takes to make them continue working, discussions on all of the specific components of a system, and applications to real-life examples in Palestine.

The EWB-I Group is committed to moving forward on several fronts and has already started a committee to continue to pursue the appropriate applications of solar power in Palestine. They have a proposal in progress for one of the project sites that we visited, and are working on a second. Plans are in the works to provide another training for the people in Gaza, who were unable to attend this class due to mobility restrictions in the country.

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December 2008 Training SEI
Training of Palestinian engineers in solar system design and implementation VIEW

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Engineers without Borders classes
Walt Ratterman: SunEPI, EWB-I, SEI (Dec. 2009)


December 2009




Solar Energy International
Engineers without Borders - International

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Training of Palestinian and Jordanian engineers in solar system design and implementation