In 2006, SunEPI provided training services on behalf of Solar Energy International in this two pronged project. The first part of the project involved a training for policy makers from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan to brainstorm ways that they can make renewable energy solutions more viable in their countries. The second phase of the project included a training of trainers from these same four countries - in the design and implementation of solar photovoltaic systems.

Just over two years later, as a result of this training, a new company, ND & Company, has been formed in Kazakhstan by Nurlan Jiyenbayev, one of the students in 2006. His goal is to promote the use of solar energy in rural Kazakhstan for the people who do not now have access to electricity. This December, Walt Ratterman of SunEnergy Power International, ND & Co., and John McGill combined a hands-on training and installation of a large 10Kw solar system to demonstrate what can be done with the systems. From this project, ND & Co. will develop their business plan as to how best work in more remote area and for those in need of electricity throughout the countryside, and in neighboring countries.

Previous Projects in Kazakhstan:

Project Type:
Project Goal:
September 2006 Training Solar Energy International Training of trainers from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan,
Tajikistan, and Krygyzstan

Project Report:

Off-grid demonstration
Walt Ratterman: SunEPI (Dec. 2008)


December 2008


Training & Implementation


ND & Company