Many of the people in rural Ghana are subsistence farmers who rely on intermittent sources of water for their domestic needs. There are some situations where the hand pumping is not feasible and a mechanized pumping system would better provide for the domestic water needs of the community. It is to these sites that a team from the U.S. was taken by members of World Vision Ghana. SunEPI Project Engineer, Brad Burkhartzmeyer, traveled to Ghana with Rotarian Dhaval Dhru and World Vision hydrologist, John Stiefel, to conduct a feasibility study for mechanizing wells with solar powered pumps in order to provide water for the communities in the northern regions of Ghana in August 2008. This study with commissioned in order to launch a joint World Vision (WV) / Rotary project aimed at extending access to clean water in electricity-scarce regions of northern Ghana.

Project Report:

Solar Water Pumping
Brad Burkhartzmeyer: SunEPI, World Vision, Rotary Club, Northwest Solar Group (Aug. 2008)


August 2008




World Vision
Rotary Club of Federal Way
Northwest Solar Group

Project Goal:

Solar Water Pumping Project