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SunEnergy Power International (SunEPI), along with TetraTech and USAID, was part of a multi-year, multi-country project aimed at improving access to reliable energy for Health Care facilities in remote locations. This project is successfully underway and, though SunEPI is no longer active in its involvement, former Project Engineers Carol Weis and Christopher Freitas, continue to design, assess, train, and implement solar systems through this initiative.

Recent Energy for Health Fund work in Haiti


SunEnergy Power International implemented training sessions and projects in over two dozen countries, built on the principles of:
  • Partnerships: We brought together multiple donors and like-minded manufacturers who wanted to be part of remote energy projects to help people in the developing world, but who had been cautious due to concerns over the procedure, quality of work, or sustainability of the project.

  • Training: Training was key to the success of all of our projects. Local technicians, contractors, and entrepreneurs were trained in the design, maintenance, and installation of renewable energy projects.

  • Quality Installations: SunEPI strived to complete all of its projects in accordance with good wiring practices and designs that are appropriate to the environments in which the systems are installed.

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